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Drawing and Time: @ Colla Super Milan 2023

These drawings represent points along time lines that include common facts and known histories, science, collections of stuff describing our shared world, invented fictions and cultural myths. I am interested in subject matter which compels hope and demonstrates important values. These time lines operate using appropriated laws from science like “The Law of Superposition”, which is a way to tell geological time.  The older information, which came first in time, is in the foreground and the newer more recent information is in the background. This reading can also be flipped depending on the temporal position of the drawing’s information. Drawing traditions also lend to deciphering the time lines. Clarity and overlap are used for creating a since of time through distance, detail and sharpness.  In the end, the drawings frame a narrative of humanity and demonstrate the information and ideas that are current and accessible to most everyone. The drawings include those things we have in common like origins and collections or prime examples, and the ideas, hopes and beliefs we share within myths, religion, science, popular culture, and our idea of place and self.

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