Ron Laboray

Associate Professor of Painting

Western Carolina University

College of Fine and Performing Arts

School of Art and Design

Professional Profile


Education, Honors, and Certifications

    Masters in Fine Art in Painting

    Washington University St. Louis MO  M.F.A  2000

    Henrietta Wahlert Graduate Scholar


    Bachelors in Fine Art in Painting

    University Of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana IL B.F.A. 1994

    MIA/POW Scholarship Award

    Four time recipient of the University of Illinois Merit Awards for    

    Studio Art

Solo projects:

Sept- Nov 2021 - Prodigal Sun - Granite City Art and Design District  Granite City Illinois

Nov-Dec 2019  The Archive- drawings of Ron Laboray at Rennes II Rennes France/ Festival Transversales

Nov 2019 " Whirled Pictures"- works of Ron Laboray Center for New Art visiting artists maker residency and lecture

Oct 2019 "Time and Random Data in Sequence - residency at UNCA STEAm studio Asheville NC

Sept 2019 " The Robert Wadlow Historical Marker" permanent installation of a 24x32 aluminum unscripted plate in Granite City Illinois

Nov 2018 - Whirled Pictures- works of Ron Laboray at the Dutch Academy of Art and Design AKV/St.Joost Master Institute of Avans Hogeschool Netherlands.


Mar 2018 – Globalization, Time and the Position of the Artist -  Fulbright collaboration- installation at Karoli Gaspar University/ Phycology Building Mural Budapest Hungary


Spt 2016 – “At Play in the Fields of Our Stuff” – Slocumb Galleries at Eastern Tennessee University, Johnson City TN


May 2015- “How I felt about showing at the Suburban.” - The Suburban –Oak Park Chicago IL


Mar 2014- “At Play in the Fields of Our Stuff”– Hoffman La Chance, St Louis MO


Jan 2012  Surveying Imaginationland – the Art Museum at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC.


Jan. 2010  A Matter of Distance- Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


April 2007 Syndication - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


Mar. 2006 Keeping Score - Philip Slein Gallery St. Louis MO.


Aug 2005 After the C.E.- University of Missouri St. Louis MO.


May 2005 Color and Race Statistics, Peter Miller Gallery Chicago IL.


Spt. 2003 Extending the Science - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL


Jan. 2001 Mapping Pop - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL


May 2000 Media Arts Technology Drink Exchange - computer animation on 12 screen video monitor wall. Media Arts, Washington Ave. St.Louis MO


Feb. 2000 One Hour of Spontaneous Beauty: Digital Rain- computer animated digital projection at Media Arts, Washington & Tucker,St. Louis MO.


June 1999 Mapping.-, Washington University Film Board, St. Louis MO.


May 1996 Where am I?-The Main Street Gallery, Champaign IL.


Mch. 1993 Plastic Nature -6th Floor Gallery, St. Louis MO.


July 1992 American Gold -Midtown Art Center, St. Louis MO.


Jan. 1991 The Ump is Nuts - Utopian Loft Gallery, St. Louis MO.



Other selected exhibition:

Aug- Sept 2021  Nerd Alert - Moses Lake Museum and Art Center  Moses Lake, Washington


Jan 2018 – Blown In - Gallery 126 Galway Ireland


Dec 2016 – Blue and Orange- CB-1 Gallery, Los Angeles CA


Jul 2016 - Southern Draw – Gallery 474, Asheville NC


Jan 2016 – Everywhere and Elsewhere II - Meramec Gallery of Contemporary Art – St Louis Community College Meramec


Dec  2014 3-7  Art Miami Aqua Art Miami – Hoffman laChance Miami FL


Dec 2013 4-8 Art Miami Aqua Art Miami – Hoffman LaChance Miami FL

Oct. 2013  Zombie-Hoffman-LaChance Contemporary St. Louis. Mo


Feb 2013 Sanctified – Vincent Price Art Museum-Monterey Park, Los Angeles CA


Oct 2011Personally Abstract- JK Gallery-Los Angeles CA.


Jan 2011 ArtLab – Metropolitan Gallery, St Louis, MO


Jul- 2010 Group exhibition – Peter Miller Gallery. Chicago, IL


Sept 2009 Breaking Forms SCC Multimedia Invitational - St Charles

Community College, St. Charles MO


Mar. 2009 The Gun Show - Space B Gallery New York, NY


Mar. 2008 Replica - Peter Miller Gallery Chicago, IL


June 2007 Daum Museum of Contemporary Art- Sadalia MO.


May 2005 at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative office in Tokyo, Japan


Oct 2004 Six Views of Abstraction- Regional Arts Commission St. Louis MO.


Jun. 2004 Dissemination - St Louis Community College Meramec - St. Louis MO.


Jun. 2004 Exposure 7-Mind Games - University of Missouri St.Louis Gallery210 - St. Louis MO.


May 2004 Chicago Exposition at Navy Pier - Peter Miller Gallery Chicago IL


Mar. 2004 Aerial - Raid Projects - Los Angeles CA.


Feb 2004 Cold Winter Show - Peter Miller Gallery - Chicago IL


Oct. 2003 A Social Affair - digital sketches collaboration project

-University of Memphis Art Museum, Memphis TN.


May 2002 Terra Incognita - Contemporary Art Museum - St. Louis MO.


Nov.2001 Three Day Weekend curated by Dave Muller - Mad Art, St Louis MO.


Jan.2001 Transpolyblu a Digital Exposition Elliot Smith Contemporary


Dec.2000 Geography- Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


Apr.2000 Saint Louis Invitational - Marshall Arts Center @ Delta Axis, Memphis TN.


Jan.2000 New Art From St. Louis - Illinois Wesleyan University, IL



Artist lectures: 

Visiting Artist - Rennes II- Rennes France 2019

Visiting Artist - Center for New Art William Paterson University- New Jersey 2019 

Visiting Artist - National Academy of Art and Design- Holland 2018

Visiting Artist - Hungarian National Academy of Science- Budapest 2018

Visiting Artist - Eastern Tennessee State University Aug 2016

Visiting Artist - North Texas University Denton TX Sept 2015

Curators Lecture - Critology - the Fine Art Museum at Western Carolina University 2012

Visiting Artist - Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL 2012

Artist Lecture - Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC 2011

Artist Lecture - St. Louis Artist Guild St Louis MO. 2009

Artist Lecture - Kent State University, Kent OH. 2005

Artist Lecture - University of Missouri St Louis, St Louis MO 2005

Visiting artist - St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley, St.
Louis MO. 2002

Artist Lecture - CD-ROM Game Night with Ron Laboray
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis MO. 2002

Artist Lecturer - Washington University, St. Louis MO. 2002

Visiting artist - Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington IL. 2000