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Solo projects:

Dec 2023   Official animated music video for Federale’s “What Child is This?” on Jealous Butcher Records

June-July 2023- Drawing and Time - @ Colla Super   Milan,  Italy

Sept- Nov 2021 - Prodigal Sun - Granite City Art and Design District  Granite City, Illinois

Nov-Dec 2019  The Archive- drawings of Ron Laboray at Rennes II   Rennes,  France

Nov 2019 " Whirled Pictures"- works of Ron Laboray Center for New Art  maker residency and lecture

Oct 2019 "Time and Random Data in Sequence - residency at UNCA STEAM studio Asheville NC

Sept 2019 " The Robert Wadlow Historical Marker" permanent installation of a 24x32 aluminum unscripted plate in Granite City Illinois

Nov 2018 - Whirled Pictures- works of Ron Laboray at the Dutch Academy of Art and Design AKV/St.Joost Master Institute of Avans Hogeschool Netherlands.


Mar 2018 – Globalization, Time and the Position of the Artist -  Fulbright collaboration- installation at Karoli Gaspar University/ Phycology Building Mural Budapest Hungary


Spt 2016 – “At Play in the Fields of Our Stuff” – Slocumb Galleries at Eastern Tennessee University, Johnson City TN


May 2015- “How I felt about showing at the Suburban.” - The Suburban –Oak Park Chicago IL


Mar 2014- “At Play in the Fields of Our Stuff”– Hoffman La Chance, St Louis MO


Jan 2012  Surveying Imaginationland – the Art Museum at Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC.


Jan. 2010  A Matter of Distance- Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


April 2007 Syndication - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


Mar. 2006 Keeping Score - Philip Slein Gallery St. Louis MO.


Aug 2005 After the C.E.- University of Missouri St. Louis MO.


May 2005 Color and Race Statistics, Peter Miller Gallery Chicago IL.


Spt. 2003 Extending the Science - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL

Jan. 2001 Mapping Pop - Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL

May 2000 Media Arts Technology Drink Exchange - computer animation on 12 screen video monitor wall. Media Arts, Washington Ave. St.Louis MO


Feb. 2000 One Hour of Spontaneous Beauty: Digital Rain- computer animated digital projection at Media Arts, Washington & Tucker,St. Louis MO.


June 1999 Mapping.-, Washington University Film Board, St. Louis MO.


May 1996 Where am I?-The Main Street Gallery, Champaign IL.


Mch. 1993 Plastic Nature -6th Floor Gallery, St. Louis MO.


July 1992 American Gold -Midtown Art Center, St. Louis MO.


Jan. 1991 The Ump is Nuts - Utopian Loft Gallery, St. Louis MO.



Other selected exhibition:

July - Aug 2022  “Still Life: Painters and Objects”  Edwardsville Art Center Edwardsville Illinois


April - May 2022 Art Fields – annual exhibition at Lake City, South Carolina 


Aug- Sept 2021  Nerd Alert - Moses Lake Museum and Art Center  Moses Lake, Washington


Jan 2018 – Blown In - Gallery 126 Galway Ireland


Dec 2016 – Blue and Orange- CB-1 Gallery, Los Angeles CA


Jul 2016 - Southern Draw – Gallery 474, Asheville NC

Jan 2016 – Everywhere and Elsewhere II - Meramec Gallery of Contemporary Art – St Louis Community College Meramec

Dec  2014 3-7  Art Miami Aqua Art Miami – Hoffman laChance Miami FL


Dec 2013 4-8 Art Miami Aqua Art Miami – Hoffman LaChance Miami FL

Oct. 2013  Zombie-Hoffman-LaChance Contemporary St. Louis. Mo


Feb 2013 Sanctified – Vincent Price Art Museum-Monterey Park, Los Angeles CA


Oct 2011Personally Abstract- JK Gallery-Los Angeles CA.


Jan 2011 ArtLab – Metropolitan Gallery, St Louis, MO


Jul- 2010 Group exhibition – Peter Miller Gallery. Chicago, IL


Sept 2009 Breaking Forms SCC Multimedia Invitational - St Charles

Community College, St. Charles MO


Mar. 2009 The Gun Show - Space B Gallery New York, NY


Mar. 2008 Replica - Peter Miller Gallery Chicago, IL


June 2007 Daum Museum of Contemporary Art- Sadalia MO.


May 2005 at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei, Taiwan and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative office in Tokyo, Japan


Oct 2004 Six Views of Abstraction- Regional Arts Commission St. Louis MO.


Jun. 2004 Dissemination - St Louis Community College Meramec - St. Louis MO.


Jun. 2004 Exposure 7-Mind Games - University of Missouri St.Louis Gallery210 - St. Louis MO.


May 2004 Chicago Exposition at Navy Pier - Peter Miller Gallery Chicago IL


Mar. 2004 Aerial - Raid Projects - Los Angeles CA.


Feb 2004 Cold Winter Show - Peter Miller Gallery - Chicago IL


Oct. 2003 A Social Affair - digital sketches collaboration project

-University of Memphis Art Museum, Memphis TN.


May 2002 Terra Incognita - Contemporary Art Museum - St. Louis MO.


Nov.2001 Three Day Weekend curated by Dave Muller - Mad Art, St Louis MO.


Jan.2001 Transpolyblu a Digital Exposition Elliot Smith Contemporary

Dec.2000 Geography- Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago IL.


Apr.2000 Saint Louis Invitational - Marshall Arts Center @ Delta Axis, Memphis TN.


Jan.2000 New Art From St. Louis - Illinois Wesleyan University, IL



Artist lectures: 

Visiting Artist - Rennes II Univesity France 2022

Visiting Artist - Panel discussion for Horasis USA a global community based in Switzerland 2022

Visiting Artist - Rennes II- Rennes France 2019

Visiting Artist - Center for New Art William Paterson University- New Jersey 2019 

Visiting Artist - National Academy of Art and Design- Holland 2018

Visiting Artist - Hungarian National Academy of Science- Budapest 2018

Visiting Artist - Eastern Tennessee State University Aug 2016

Visiting Artist - North Texas University Denton TX Sept 2015

Curators Lecture - Critology - the Fine Art Museum at Western Carolina University 2012

Visiting Artist - Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL 2012

Artist Lecture - Western Carolina University, Cullowhee NC 2011

Artist Lecture - St. Louis Artist Guild St Louis MO. 2009

Artist Lecture - Kent State University, Kent OH. 2005

Artist Lecture - University of Missouri St Louis, St Louis MO 2005

Visiting artist - St. Louis Community College Florissant Valley, St.
Louis MO. 2002

Artist Lecture - CD-ROM Game Night with Ron Laboray
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, St. Louis MO. 2002

Artist Lecturer - Washington University, St. Louis MO. 2002

Visiting artist - Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington IL. 2000 

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