My practice, at its base, is about building an archive of maps, charts and timelines about how we humans connect to each other.  I worked as an archaeologist to personally understand the importance of and record cultural information. What I found is that we use shared philosophies, trade, communication, and entertainment to connect. This model is also at the core of globalization.  The affects of globalization both negative and positive demonstrate international exchange of ideas and cross-cultural hybridization through instant communication, banking and entertainment.  The first two, instant communication and banking advanced the later extending Western mass culture globally.  Originally my practice’s primary focus was on ideas and places within mass culture local to me in my country and how we define ourselves and where we live in America only branching out occasionally to examine camping and baseball in post war Japan.  Over the last decade in order to have a larger picture or deeper significance within my cultural data archive, I globally broadened the random data collection that fuels the work.  I am now traveling in an attempt for a more truthful depiction or record, but also to connect and be involved.  I do this by visiting institutions, giving lectures about my work, American culture and globalization, while providing artist studio visits, working with students and creating or exhibiting art.  


I have been to Budapest as part of a Fulbright project where I spoke at the National Academy of Science and installed a mural of a timeline at Karoli Gaspar University.  

 In Paris I walked the streets photographing local graffiti and searched for artifacts of cultural dissemination.

The newest research takes me to Amsterdam to consider the VOC or the East India Trading Company as a model or the first entity of dissemination similar to that of Apple, Amazon, YouTube, and Google.  I was a visiting scholar at the National Academy of Art and Design AKV/ St. Joost Masters Institute where I lectured on my work, visited students in the studio and visiting the original headquarters of the VOC.  I return in October 2020 to fulfill a project based on graffiti stickers and augmented reality. 

I was invited to inst an artwork in my home town of Granite City.  I chose to install a site specific plaque called the "Wadlow Historical Marker".  This marker tells a local memory about the world's tallest man, Robert Wadlow.  August 2019

I was privileged to hold University of North Carolina Asheville  STEAM Studio's Maker in Residence Program utilizing CNC technologies to build topographical versions of my paintings. August - October 2019

I was offered an opportunity to be a visiting artist and Maker in Residence at The Center For New Art at William Patterson University in New Jersey.  Using a five axis robotic arm, I carved a couple paintings and a large globe out of styrofoam.  I gave a lecture about my work at the Ben Shahn Center for Visual Art.  October 2019

I was inviter as a visiting artist to participate in Festival Transversals at Rennes II University in Rennes France.  I collaborated with French artist Valérie aka Mari Gwalarn and Rennes students creating a permanent installation in the Universities Language Department.  I also exhibited drawings, gave two lectures on my work to students, faculty and the public and was included in a four person round table discussion on writing and the creative practice.  The mural is titled "The Simpsons drip from the Sea of Tranquility."  and is made of enamel and resin .

Nov 2019