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Ron Laboray is a multimedia conceptual artist known for his paintings, drawings, video  and sculpture about time and popular culture.  Laboray’s work is scientific and digitally influenced using both abstraction and realism to discuss topics within mass culture, shared histories, Globalization and time. 


Laboray has shown in major exhibition spaces for over 20 years including the Vincent Price Art Museum, Pacific Design Center and Raid Projects in Los Angeles, in Chicago at the Navy Pier Exposition and the Suburban, in Miami at Pulse, The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis and the Daum Museum of Contemporary Art. Internationally, he has lectured about his work and exhibited in the Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, and the Hungarian National Academy of Science in Budapest and a permanent mural installation at Rennes 2 University in Rennes France.


Currently, Ron holds the position of Professor of Painting and Drawing at Western Carolina University and the Director of the School of Art and Design. 

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