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Asheville ART OUT

Like the French Impressionists you too can paint “Plein Air” or outside.


Enjoy your summer morning with us along area rivers and scenic parks.  Asheville Art Out provides visitors an opportunity to get away for a few hours painting the landscape.  Our team of degreed artists provides a guided painting experience along with painting advice.  All you need is an interest in enjoying the outdoors and painting the landscapes while we do the rest.


Our team at Art Out will provide you with an easel and supplies for acrylic painting and then you can make a painting you can take with you. Already have your supplies? Then we can introduce you to the area, offer a fun group experience, and give you professional feedback from degreed artists. 


You will meet us at our designated painting location listed in the event and we will help you set up and give you the pointers to start your experience.  You will be outside painting, so bring appropriate clothes that can get dirty and which will keep you comfortable.  A wide brimmed hat and sunblock are recommended.


It’s easy to schedule your outing today!!!


(828) 380-5499 



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